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PNC Technologies Co., Ltd.

Feeder Terminal Unit (FTU)

Feeder Remote Terminal Unit PAD Moumted Type (FRTU-GD100)

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Feeder Remote Terminal Unit PAD Moumted Type (FRTU-GD100)

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FTU-GD100 performs RTU and distribution automation functions for Pad-mounted Multi-circuits Load Break Switch.

Basic model is for 4 circuits. Local Controller is directly connected to LBS and CT/PT inputs, and it has control (open/close) buttons, local/remote control position change switch, control lock/unlock switch, and LBS indicators on the front panel. FTU-GD100 is connected to local Controller through several connectors, and receives voltage/current inputs and LBS status information. Using this information, FTU-GD100 measures or calculators electric values, generates logical status data, and transmits all information to Master system (DAS: Distribution Automation System) through communication network. For remote control, FTU-GD100 receives control action command from Master system and sends control output to LBS through Local Controller. FTU-GD100 and Local Control are installed inside the enclosure of Pad-mounted LBS.

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